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Free URL Shortener for transforming long, ugly links into nice, memorable and trackable short URLs. Use it to shorten links for any social media platforms, blogs, SMS, emails, ads, or pretty much anywhere else you want to share them. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, emails, SMS, videos. RB.GY is the best free alternative to generic URL shorteners like bitly and tinyurl. After shorterning the URL, check how many clicks it received

Short URLs or Branded Links?

Short URLs or Branded Links?

Rebrandly Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rebrandly offers free plans?

Yes. Rebrandly offers free plans, as well as paid and custom options that vary in price based on the number of links you need to share, the number of users associated with your account, how many custom domains you use and which features are the most important to you.

Can I use a domain I already own?

Absolutely! Personalization, flexibility, and control are what Rebrandly is all about. With each of our paid plans, you can register or connect at least one top-level domain ( or subdomains ( that you already own to create your branded short links using Rebrandly.

Do I have to install Rebrandly on my website?

No. Rebrandly is a web-based service requiring no software to install or code to write. After subscribing, you will be ready to start branding and shortening links right away. No tech skills are required!

How do I know your service is reliable and scalable?

Rebrandly is the industry-leading solution for millions of users who want a powerful way to brand and shorten links. The Rebrandly platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services in multiple locations with guaranteed 99.9% uptime and public uptime reports available 24/7.

What is your privacy and data protection policy?

We take your data privacy and security seriously and implement stringent measures to protect your links and information. Rebrandly is the only SOC2 Type 2 certified platform for branded and shortened URLs; we are also GDPR compliant. For full details on our privacy and security policies, please visit

Can I create a custom plan with other features/options?

Rebrandly has many out-of-the-box branded link shortener options, but if you have specific needs that differ from the plans you see here, we'd love to chat about how we can help. Get in touch today!.

Do you have a special plan for Enterprise customers?

At Rebrandly, we understand that Enterprise businesses often have more complex workflows and needs. We work with many global customers and have a dedicated team to help you identify the right plan and get up and running. If you need to discuss a solution custom-designed for your Enterprise, please get in touch.

I have more questions about Rebrandly, how can I contact you?

We'd love to connect! Let’s discuss how Rebrandly can help brand and shorten your links so they perform as needed. Please get in touch with us here! get in touch with us here.